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Star Wars Terrarium Worlds

By: The Wonder Room, on Etsy

Star Wars-Themed Condoms: [Insert Light-saber Pun HERE]

While the mere existence of sexy lady Vader’s and princess Leia cosplayer’s everywhere, may in fact increase the odds that a man in possession of Star Wars condoms might actually find an opportunity in which to use them. Any woman who would actually follow you back to your nerd lair and agree to engaging in sexual congress atop your Millennium Falcon bedspread, would, upon seeing said condoms; no doubt be so disgusted by your willingness to destroy their collect-ability value by opening them, that you’d still strike out. Thus, once again, leaving you alone to… [Obligatory force-joke goes here]


Easy Being Green, It is Not

VIA: Laughing Squid

Peter de Sève made this wonderful illustration of Kermit the Frog and Yoda discussing what it means to be green while fishing at a Dagobah swamp.

via Archie McPhee